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Intellectual Property Optimized for Business Impact

We are Intellectual Property specialists. 

We build and manage Intellectual Property portfolios for innovators, to provide maximum business impact. 

Patent Specialists

We specialize in obtaining, defending, and monetizing patents and industrial designs. Our team has successfully built and managed global patent and industrial design portfolios for multinationals, SMEs, start-ups, and research institutions. 

Business Focused

We craft and provide Intellectual Property protection strategies that are bespoke to each client's business needs, to provide maximum business impact. We also offer business-friendly flat fees and predictable costs. 

Patent Professionals


Arya Ghadimi

Arya is a senior patent specialist, with extensive experience in building and managing global patent and industrial design portfolios. Arya is a registered patent agent in Canada and the USA, a registered trademark agent in Canada, and an Intellectual Property lawyer. 

Arya is the managing principal of Nyssa IP.

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